Our Process

Our Process ~ Introductions!


Hello and welcome to Heritage Builders! As with any relationship, this is the first step in our process: getting to know one another. This is your opportunity to vet us, to check out our work and talk with people for whom we have built houses. You can visit our on-line library of plans, visit our project sites, and check out our videos to see the detail we put into every project we undertake.

Getting To Know You

Here is our opportunity to get to know you: what are looking for in a home; how much are you looking to spend; what are your tastes; do you have a lot of your own or are you interested in one of ours; have you found a plan you like or are we starting from scratch. We will ask you a whole series of questions to make sure we really understand what you are looking to accomplish and to help you to determine whether we are a good fit for you.

Our Process ~ About You
Our Process ~ Walk Your Land
Our Process ~ Tour Our Lots

Walk Your Land

In this step, we visit your property with you and walk the land. We listen to the vision you have and consider options as to where the construction envelope would go to help you achieve that vision. We point out the opportunities and risks, and ask questions about potential future growth.  Our goal is to ensure you have all the information needed to fulfill the vision you have for your property.

Tour Our Lots

If you are new to the area or looking to change things up, we can show you the lots we own in up and coming developments.  We research developers and acquire outstanding lots that offer fantastic potential to future homeowners. We also look at plans that will fit the lots well for the neighborhoods being built. So come take a tour of the homes we currently have under construction! It’s never too late to customize a home to your tastes.

Our Process ~ Make A Plan

Let’s Design A House!

Now that you have established where you want the house to go, we can move to the really fun part: designing your new house! We start by taking your initial concept and transferring it to something we call a “One-Line” drawing. All of the rooms are laid out to scale, simply by using paper and pencil. We review the One-Line, adding and removing items, until the layout looks just right. We then can establish just how big your home will potentially be and identify what kinds of features you want.

There is no time limit on this step in our process. We want to make sure the plan is right, so feel free to step back and consider all of your options. Here’s your opportunity to include all those features you ever wanted in your dream home!

How Much?

Now with the One-Line drawing established, we can start to make initial estimates on how much the project may cost.  Keep in mind that the actual house size will be bigger than what our One-Line drawing shows; our architect will make adjustments to the plan, adding in proper wall widths, stone facades, etc., that will increase the overall footprint. Nonetheless, we can establish a baseline on what to anticipate at this point in the process.

Our Process ~ Make A Proposal
Our Process ~ Good Faith Agreement

Good Faith Agreement

You’ve vetted us, our initial numbers look good, and you like what we’ve created thus far. Now it’s time to bring the One-Line drawing to the architect and produce a buildable plan, so that we can solidify our estimates. At this point, we will ask you to enter into what we call a Good Faith Agreement.  A real investment into the project is about to be made, and we feel it’s important that all parties make that investment together. This doesn’t mean you have signed a contract with us just yet! It simply demonstrates a mutual interest in achieving your goal, and a step closer toward a successful outcome. And not to worry, your Good Faith Agreement investment will be credited back to you at the signing of a contract.

Our Proposal

We now have buildable plans from the architect; they have been reviewed, modified and corrected for any omissions or errors. Perhaps we’ve even introduced some structural enhancements or options. You have also settled on the elevations that give the house the exact look you want. In addition to plans, we also know exactly where the house will be going on the lot you have established. We have pointed out the benefits and risks, and described some of the expenses that may go into the construction of the home. At this step in the process, we can now give you an official proposal to build your home.

In our proposal, we always start with the base price on the cost of the home. The base price represents building your home under ideal conditions, for example, on a nice, flat lot with little to no rock, minimal requirements on distance to the road, and the premise that a septic system is not needed on the property, as each of these items can unduly influence the true cost of the home.

We then look at those external factors, like the ones just mentioned, and evaluate the costs of each, for example one hundred feet of driveway vs. fifty feet, an aerobic septic system vs. a traditional system, the amount of bedrock under the home and its impact on trenching utilities into the house.

Our Process ~ Our Proposal

We also look at additional external factors, such as permitting fees, surveys, inspections and insurance that are required by municipalities and financial institutions, as well as HOA and Co-operative restrictions and fees that may be applied to ensure the home complies with established rules and regulations.

We take all of these factors into consideration when presenting our proposal to ensure you have a fully comprehensive understanding of our offer and what you are getting for your investment.

Our Process ~ Go To Contract

Go To Contract

Our proposal looks good, our numbers are in line with your budget, and we have the plan you want to build. It’s time to hire us as your Custom Home Builder! We will produce a contract that covers the terms of our engagement, including everything that we defined in our proposal, along with a copy of the plans, so that there’s no question about what we shall be building for you. Thank you for choosing us as your Custom Home Builder!

Make Your Selections

Now’s your opportunity to really make this home yours by picking out all the specifics that will go into the house. While others will offer you a catalog of colors or swatches to choose from, we will actually take you shopping! For example, you will visit the actual lighting stores and granite houses, where you will pick out the specific items that will go into your home. The slab you identify that you want on your kitchen countertop will be pulled aside, have your name taped to it, and prepared for fabrication; the wrought iron front door that you simply have to have – we’ll take a drive down to see it;  There will not be a feature in the home about which you will not have a say, right down to the knobs and pulls on the bathroom cabinets!

Our Process ~ Make Selections
Our Process ~ Satisfy Financing

Satisfy Financing

We have found that it’s always best to get pre-approved with your lender.  If you haven’t settled on one, we have several with whom we work, and we will be happy to recommend one to you.  We will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork regarding our contract to help you through the approval process.

Once financing is satisfied, we move on to the next step… Building your house!

Let’s Build a House!

Finally, we’re ready to break ground! Realistically, this is actually the easiest part of the process; all of the really hard work has been done up front, so at this stage you are practically on cruise control. We’ll take over from here.

We will keep you up to date on everything that’s going on.  Of course, you’re always welcome to visit the site anytime. Just be sure to give us a heads-up, so that we can address any safety concerns that naturally occur on an active job site.


Our Process ~ Break Ground!
Our Process ~ Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Finally! The step in our process you’ve been waiting for: the day you get the keys! In this final step, we will take you through your new home, show you how everything works, and identify and resolve any remaining issues found.

We want to thank you for providing us this opportunity to build your dream. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Congratulations and Welcome Home!

To learn more about our process, please contact us, either by phone at (512) 808-7579, or through our Contact page.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.