Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive. This list is not all inclusive, so please feel free to contact us via telephone or email if you have other questions you’d like to ask. Please don’t hesitate; contact us now!

[expand title=”What kind of homes do you build?” elwraptag=”li”]We build custom Estate homes; that is our strength. We conceive home concepts, follow them through to fully executable plans with our architect, and build the homes turnkey, so they are move-in ready.[/expand][expand title=”Do you build a particular style Estate home?” elwraptag=”li”]No. Being custom builders, we are always paying attention to the tastes of our clients and the current trends of the market. Whether it’s a Hill Country Estate, Contemporary or Mediterranean look, our goal is to build the home you want. Of course, we must also adhere to the restrictions placed on us by the local HOA where we build, but we try to give you the look you want in your new home.[/expand][expand title=”Do you pick out the home to build on your lot or may we select something?” elwraptag=”li”]Actually, we will pick the model home we are going to build only if we currently do not have a client for the lot. If you have an interest in a lot, and wish to build your dream home on it, then we will be happy to talk to you first before making any final decisions. Keep in mind that your plans will need to be reviewed for compliance with any HOA restrictions that may be imposed upon the development; Our architects can help us to make any modifications needed to bring us into compliance.[/expand][expand title=”What exactly is a Spec. Home?” elwraptag=”li”] A “Spec” Home (or “Speculative” Home) is a house that the builder chooses to build on a lot.  Typically, a Spec Home will be designed and built to meet current market interests and HOA requirements. It may be built with only “Level 1″ features in mind, or, depending upon the builder, a mixture of Level 1 through Level 3 features. The latter case is usually more driven by the location of the home and what the market will bear. The end result is a more desirable home in a desirable location.[/expand][expand title=”Can you say more about ‘Levels’?” elwraptag=”li”]Homes come with certain features installed in them. When a builder meets the required set of features to be installed, you might consider this a “Level 1” build for the home. An example may be the installation of a microwave/conventional oven combination, where you have a microwave oven installed in the top cabinetry and a conventional oven stacked below it. A “Level 2” build is when the builder starts to install additional features, going above the requirements mentioned earlier; in a Level 2 home, you may see a double oven stack with a separate microwave unit under the counter or some other neat feature like that in the kitchen. In a “Level 3″ build, that’s when the builder starts getting really creative! You might even imagine that technology gets involved in the products in the home! We can explain a lot more about feature levels, but it would be best to come in and sit with us to get a full taste.[/expand][expand title=”How do ‘Levels’ impact cost?” elwraptag=”li”]As you may have guessed, with every “Level” advancement, there is an increase in cost in the home.[/expand][expand title=”Can you tell me the cost per square foot to build my house?” elwraptag=”li”]Unfortunately, no. That’s because there are so many factors that go into the construction of your home: Level selections to Lots to Locations; for each of these factors of influence, there are hundreds more. What we can do is to work with you to get a base price for a particular model, and then look at where you want to build it, what options you wish to put into it and go from there. That’s the best way to anticipate the cost per square foot.[/expand][expand title=”How long will it take to build my house?” elwraptag=”li”]Our goal is to complete your home in six months or less.  We pay close attention to details that we know will influence the delivery date, so once the decision is made to start, you will experience a flurry of activity. We will need your participation to help us meet that goal, for which we will help you to prepare.[/expand][expand title=”What will you need from us?” elwraptag=”li”]Besides the financial commitment of buying a home, the biggest thing we will ask from you is patience. Building a home will be one of greatest experiences of your life. As with any life-changing event, it is important to go into it with clear expectations.  We will work closely with you to ensure that every step is clearly explained and that time tables are accurately set to the best of our ability. Working together, we will try to make sure this experience is an enjoyable one.[/expand][expand title=”How do we get started?” elwraptag=”li”]Call us at (512) 808-7579 or contact us on our email form. Be sure to tell us your name, phone number of development of interest, and we will contact you right away! And if you have a piece of land already and are looking for a house, we can certainly help you there. Call now![/expand]